First Series

n. 1

n. 2

n. 3-4

n. 5

n. 6

n. 7


New Series

The first series of Perelandra, published between 2001 and 2004, is made up by five releases, one of which is a double number, plus a sixth one which has never been published because of problems with the publisher, even if the final draft was yet delivered. Given that these numbers are far-back out of stock, we have decided to present them again in electronic format to render their contents freely available, and to stress the continuity of the new series, on which the editorial lab is yet working, with them.

The seventh number of the first series will be proposed both in electronic and in paper format, and it will keep the design and the format of the other numbers of the first series.

Each of the numbers available for consultation and download can be acquired both integrally, and by individual essays selected from the table of contents.


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